LC picOrganic Based Lawn Care:   To provide optimum growth, color and thickness in a lawn, organic levels in the soil need to be maintained yearly using fertilizers. To reduce the amount of pesticide Green Horizon uses an IPM approach to provide a weed free and insect free turf. Green Horizon also recognizes that this approach cannot be met without using a balanced amount of herbicides and insecticides in the beginning stages to provide a healthy lawn.  These methods we practice are designed to provide and create a healthy, lush and inviting environment  for your family and friends to enjoy for many years to come.

Green Horizon uses best management practices (BMPs) for nutrient management in turf.  This practice refers to all effective and practical methods that assure efficient utilization of nutrients and prevent or reduce the movement of sediment and nutrients (and possibly other pollutants) from the land to surface water bodies or ground water. BMPs are based upon the specific needs of a site and are used to advise and educate land owners and managers. This provides a concise yet broad overview of all practices (BMPs) that will result in an effective and environmentally sensitive use of nutrients within urban and suburban landscapes.

grass-roots-12974452Taking all of the above into consideration, Green Horizon chooses to have our season specific Bio-Fertilizers custom blended for each application rather than buying what the local warehouse has in stock.  Our bio fertilizers contain organic ingredients, microbes, carbon sources, and essential micro-nutrients to replenish and stimulate native soil microbes, as well as substantially increase root mass.  This secret biological nutrient delivery system contains rich and nutritional organic based ingredients that explode microbial populations in the soil.  By building microbial life, Green Horizon can help rejuvenate depleted urban soils, reduce nitrogen and pesticide applications, and create a more environmentally friendly lawn and landscape.

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