We offer simple ways to keep your trees and shrubs healthy all year long. Anxious to see rapid growth, many homeowners over fertilize their trees and shrubs. This common mistake can make your plants more prone to injury during winter months because development occurs too fast, creating soft supple plant tissue.  In addition, excessive new  chute growth on any tree or shrub in your landscape becomes a desirable habitat/host for insect and disease pests to invade because the softer tissue is easier for them to pierce with their mouth-parts, or to lay eggs in. Also, in urban settings,  it is quite common that soils are back-filled around homes in situations after new or heavy construction.  Sometimes these soils may often lack the organic matter your trees and shrubs desperately need for healthy growth.



Our program options include:

  • Season Long (mid March – Dec 1st) periodic inspection and evaluation of your shrubs for signs of insect or disease infestations.  Visits determined based on plant material or pest issues.
  • All natural Horticultural and Botanical Oils are used in Spring and Fall.
  • Organic and Natural Fertilizers to provide your plants with balanced nutrient applications.
  • Bio Stimulant and Micro-Nutrient applications to help improve soil conditions, root growth and to aid in correcting chlorosis (yellowing) in plants due to a lack of Iron (Fe).  Severe cases may require additional treatments.
  • Insect and Disease Management through preventative and curative treatments for pests to maintain optimum plant health.  We use natural and organic products, and supplements whenever possible such as copper sulfate, horticultural oils, botanical oils, etc.  When using synthetics we choose low toxicity, or Reduced Risk products for the safety of our technicians, our clients and our local neighborhoods.
  • Deep Root Fertilizer Injections or Soil Drenches apply nutrients where they’re needed most, directly into the root zone of your trees and shrubs.
  • All of our PHC programs will immediately reduce pesticide usage by 50% or more around your home.  How does this happen?  By combining our season specific, and pleasant smelling, botanical oil products with any labeled pesticide product to control insects.  Because of the synergistic relationship between the organic oils and synthetic products, we are able to reduce pesticide rates by 50% and still achieve the same level of effectiveness without applying additional, and unnecessary chemicals around your home.