Soil Testing & Analysis


Green Horizon will test your soil if necessary or requested to determine soil pH and the amount of nutrients needed during fertilizer applications; knowing the proper amount of nutrient to apply is important because excessive or improper application of fertilizers, particularly Nitrogen and Phosphorus, increases risks to water quality.  Testing will show current pH levels in the soil, nutrient holding capacity, and adjustment suggestions if necessary such as lime.  After testing is completed we can then correctly implement one of our lawn care programs available to you.

  • Basic soil testing is $75 per sample.
  • Soil testing for Texture Analysis (percentage amounts of Sand/Silt/Clay), or Soluble Salts (from snow damage) are an additional $80.00 per sample submitted.
  • ONE (1) complimentary soil test will be provided to determine pH levels for new annual clients only if deemed necessary due to poor lawn conditions.

Hands Holding a Seedling and Soil